I am so fabulous.

I need a lot of love,but if I can’t have it,I need a lot of money.

I piss glitter.

I am jealous of myself.

I was born free,but now I’m expensive.

If you cant afford an island in Dubai,you can either afford one date with me.*

I am great.Like, a lot greater than you, despite what your mom says.*

I am the plastic you adore.

You can look,but you cant touch.*

I am the only hot chick around.And you realize this every time you look at that f***ing mirror.

I’m a gossip girl.And everybody loves me.

I am a PAPUSHICA.I can do whatever I want with your Visa and your heart.If you disagree,you can go to hell.*

*The rule is cancelled only if your name is Zoso.ro


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  1. […] inceput sa fim citate, fatăăăăă (vezi ultima afirmatie de aici) Stim ca ne iubiti. Si noi va iubim. In functie de cardul pe care il detineti, in cazul baietilor […]

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